Please Note: This is a tentative agenda that is subject to change. All sessions will be conducted in English. 


JUNE 3, 2022

Kick off your FLI Free Market Conference Experience by watching a documentary of what we have been able to achieve in 18 months of Face of Liberty Founding.

Emcee: Adepoju Oluwadamilola (Students For Liberty, Nigeria).

Join us as we kick off the 2022 FLI Free Market Conference with an address by our chief host and the Chief Executive Officer of Face of Liberty International Leonard A. Ogunweide 

The question isn’t why is there poverty? The real question is why is there prosperity? This is not a matter of fate. Prosperity and choices in life are due to conscious human action. Every society has differing degrees of respect for individual rights, personal freedom and responsibility. Practices that follow from that respect form the characteristics and policies of a productive society. I will explore these policies and how to create them.

        Speaker: Prof. Ken Schoolland

It is well known that entrepreneurship somehow causes economic growth. But it is poorly understood how and in what ways entrepreneurship raise people's standard of living. In this lecture, Dr. Per Bylund explains what entrepreneurship is and how it leads to economic growth and increased universal wellbeing.

       Speaker: Per Bylund Ph.D

How much taxing and spending is appropriate? What's the ideal size of government? Dan Mitchell has spent decades working on issues of public finance and will share common-sense principles for good fiscal policy.

        Speaker: Daniel J. Mitchell

Conflicts arising from scarcity can be resolved by aggression or peaceful exchanges leading to the "social order" for a given community. These "social orders" involve either "just" or "unjust" outcomes. Private ownership allows humans to engage in cooperative trade within an open and competitive market system that is the most "just" and stable "social order".

             Speaker: Prof. Christopher Lingle

JUNE 4, 2022

Migration is a controversial global topic with far-reaching geopolitical and economic consequences.  Lost in the debate over Central American caravans flooding the US’ southern border and African/Middle Eastern migration into Europe is the issue of investment migration which affords an alternative method devoid of the horrors of war, refugees and tragedy.  Yet despite this, leftists in western governments in an attempt to prevent capital flight, seek to shut this route.  We explore the concept and discuss its value in this presentation.

Speaker: Carlyle K. Rogers

If you are interested in a free and peaceful world, there is now a global movement forming to actually achieve these goals. The Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement brings a simplified approach and message for people to understand while not compromising on the principles required to achieve those goals. Instead of pursuing failed approaches to these issues, join the Movement and be part of the solution. The world needs you now!

        Speaker: Marc J. Victor

There are many ways up a mountain. Once you manage to produce more than you consume, you have created savings. You are then met with the choice of what to do with these savings. The stock market? Dollars? Gold? Crypto? A savings account yielding 1% annually? There’s no perfect formula, but there are ways to maximize your return while minimizing your risk.

              Speaker: John Leask

Fair Trade is an enormously popular idea in Christian and secular circles alike. Who, after all, could be against fairness? Victor V. Claar, however, raises significant economic and moral questions about both the logic and economic reasoning underlying the fair trade movement. In this lecture, Claar suggests that, for all its good intentions, fair trade may not be of particular service to the poor, especially in the developing world.


            Speaker: Victor V. Claar

What is the so called “Chinese (economic) Miracle”? What is the China Model? Why the so called China Model should be shunned, not emulated?

               Speaker:  Li Zhao Schoolland